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安全光幕 光栅,安装方便、操作简单、运行可靠稳定。

1. 具有完善的自检功能,当光电保护装置失电或自身出现故障时,确保不向所控制的电器发出错误信号;
2. 抗干扰能力强对电磁信号、频闪灯光、焊接弧光及周围光源具有良好的抗干扰能力;
3. 使用寿命长继电器机械寿命大于1000万次,继电器达到使用寿命后,可更换;
4. 具有良好的抗振性能元器件焊接采用SMD技术,并有多项抗振措施;
6. 规格品种多,最大限度的满足您的要求;
14.通用性强,对光容易 ;
HA/N/W type photoelectric protection device has the following characteristics:
1 perfect self-test functions, when the photoelectric protection device power loss or their failure, make sure not tosend the wrong signal to the control electric appliance;
2 strong anti-interference ability has good anti-interference ability of the electromagnetic signal, strobe light, arc welding and the surrounding light source;
3 long service life more than 10000000 times the life of the mechanical relay, relay reaches the service life, can be replaced;
4 has good anti vibration performance of the welded components using SMD technology, and a number of antivibration measures;
5 can be set according to user requirements when the screen lock function is blocked, press stop running, the output circuit self-locking, screen again light, must press the reset button, the output circuit self-locking lifting of the state, the slider can start again;
6 specifications, the maximum to meet your requirements;
7 has the advantages of simple structure, convenient connection signal cable with aviation plug connections;
8 referring to the European standard design, safe and reliable;
9 the ability of fast response and response time is less than 20ms, the maximum to avoid danger;
10 dual relay at least two safety signal output, maximum limit enhances the reliability of the output signal;
11 using LED display working state and fault, it is easy to use and fault diagnosis;
12 provides dual PNP output, the user should ensure that the machinery and equipment of the follow-upcontrol circuit is safe and reliable;
13 protected areas not in a plane, vertical and level of protection as the protection needs, can choose the main and auxiliary light series;
14 strong versatility, easy to light;
◆ 光幕形式:对射式 
◆ 光轴间距:10mm,20mm,40mm, 
◆ 检测精度:20mm,30mm,50mm, 
◆ 保护长度:A系列0-3000mm;B系列0-8000mm;C系列0-12000mm;
◆ 保护高度:110~1200mm为常规产品 
◆ 标准配置:发光器/1支,受光器/1支,P型控制器/1只, 
信号电缆 A系列 /2.5m、 5m各一根; B系列/ 3m、 6m各一根, 
◆ 可提供PNP输出,此时应保证后续控制电路符合安全要 
◆ 特别提示: 
HA/B/C series photoelectric protection device (control side)
Features: convenient installation, wiring is simple, compact structure, beautiful shape controller:
◆ screen form: on the radio
◆ axis distance: 10mm, 20mm, 40mm,
◆detection accuracy: 20mm, 30mm, 50mm,
◆ protection length: A series 0-3000mm series C series 0-8000mm; B; 0-12000mm;
◆ protection height: 110 ~ 1200mm for conventional products
◆ standard configuration: /1 light-emitting device, light receiving device /1, P controller /1,
Signal cable A series /2.5m, 5m a; B series / 3M, 6m a root,
◆ can provide PNP output, at this time should be to ensure follow-up control circuit with safety
For, and provide DC24V power supply,
◆ special tips:
If you need to use the DC24V as a working power supply, please specify;
If the signal cable, control cable should be increased, particularly when ordering;